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Hotels offer you the experience of spending time in a style perhaps not akin to how you would like your home to look.  An escape, perhaps, but also a way to appreciate looks and certain aspects of design that maybe you never would have considered before.  And before you say “enough with Paris Erin!” I just want to say that I can think of no other city that inspires me more.  I’m sure once I am able to travel to more destinations I will come up with some, but for now it remains Paris.

The Hotel Thoumieux will be a place to consider staying next go-round (of which I hope there are many).  A bit wacky, yet charming and fun, I am so delighted by the details in this boutique hotel ( a Thierry Costes property designed by India Mahdavi ) Prints over prints, modern meets ornate…. it’s super fun, no?


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