If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now


I woke up with some serious bloggers block- lots of dog eared magazine pages to scan, but not feeling it today. So instead I hopped on Flickr and typed in “Beacon Hill”- the prettiest, most charming neighborhood in Boston (the South end coming in a close second!) I found such gorgeous images from so many talented photographers I decided to just post them. You’ll notice most of them are of front doors- I have a thing for front doors- and someday want to do a coffee table book of just front doors and entryways into homes. I think they speak volumes about people and what lies inside their four walls. Call me crazy, I know, but it’s just one of my quirky obsessions.
Andrew and I are toying with selling our home and moving into the city. How much would you like to live here?

If we were to move to BH, we’d have to live through that tiny door underground where the non-millionaires reside. :)

Can’t beat the shops and littel cafe’s either- it’s very European feeling, maybe that’s why I love it so much!

*sigh* Someday I hope I can call this place home. In the meantime, for more eye candy check out this photostream on Flickr.

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