Imagining Life…


Inspired by this article, I began to think about how these days people are often having to consider what their “Plan B” in life might be. Layoffs and budget cuts typically leave their victims one of two ways- devastated and immobile or inspired to make change and see what else is out there for them beyond the expected. This article in Psychology Today was particularly interesting and I wanted to share it with you while I pondered what my “plan B” would be…. it’s kind of fun to think about, no? A little bit of an escape fantasy!

I think moving to a sunny, beachy island and running a B&B like India Hicks would be perfection…granted, that might take a little capital! Oh how charmed her life appears (and her home- yes, please)…

…or maybe moving to the quiet countryside here in New England and opening a sweet little bakery (like the folks at Heaven, which I posted about here.)

…or be a yoga teacher and live a more spritual life (and a fab Indian inspired home too…of course).

…or scrap everything and move to Paris, work in a boutique while writing and painting at the same time.

So what would your dream Plan B be???

images via Cookie Magazine,Apartment Therapy, Point Click Home, LivingEtc, Flickr

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