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Cy Twombly was an artist I adored.  While some may look at his scribbled canvases and say “my kid could do that”, as a painter I know I could not.  Sometimes the most simple works are the most daunting in composition.  If that one little line was awry in such a way the whole piece would be “off”, yet they encompass a feeling of such wild freedom at the same time. Trying to do that is VERY HARD. I’ve trashed many a canvas attempting this style only to return to more constrained styles because it’s easier somehow. There are rules to follow and it’s easier to paint (and live sometimes) when we have a framework to go by.  Cy helped me to appreciate this kind of work and he was one of the great masters of this century… RIP Mr. Twombly.  I still hold dear the goal to one day own one of your works.

Lesser known works by Twombly are his photographs and collages- I absolutely LOVE them:

So wonderful to his work in scale:

And his pieces work in ANY style decor:


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