Indian Celebration


(the blue elephant cake was so fantastic- wish i could find a better pic!)

Over the weekend I was home alone and rented Rachel Getting Married and have two things to say about the film 1) Anne Hathaway was a force to be reckoned with and in any non-Winslet year, would have won the Oscar fo’ sho’ 2) I absolutely flipped for the Indian themed wedding at the end of the movie, particularly the sari print tent. It seriously looked like the most fun wedding ever with all the bright colors, fantastic music and family dysfunction.
I scoured the internet for stills from the wedding in the movie but found nothing- I did however find the tent company that provided the tent- feast your eyes on these!!!

I can barely stand the beauty of these and can imagine there is a rather hefty price tag to accompany them.
What was that you say? You need amazing invitations to match your jaw dropping tent? No sweat- check out these from All Wedding Cards– each is less than $2 per card and are gorgeous (check the site to see what the inserts all look like!)

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