Inspirational Life: The Nie Nie Dialogs


Today I wake up after one of those fantastically draining emotional meltdown days and felt the need to do this post. I mean, really what do I have to be so stressed out about? My new healthy puppy and his brother, the best dog ever? My booming business? My adoring, amazing husband and family? It sounds really weak and lame when I write it down.
Then I remembered Nie Nie. If you have not heard of Stephanie Nielson and her husband and their ordeal, here’s the short of it. Blogger and mother extraordinaire Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a small plane crash many months back- Stephanie really had to fight to live after being burned over 80% of her body. The blogging community rallied and really threw and unbelievable amount of support behind them.
Stephanie’s life is one to emulate- just reading her blog you feel a pull towards gratitude and simpler things, like baking cupcakes with your children and giving your husband an extra kiss in the morning… creative, happy and full of life, she makes you want to strive to be a better person.

She threw her daughters a back to school party that looked so elegant and vintage pricess-y:

These handmade floral and sheet music crowns from Craftsbury Kids remind me of this party:

She also had her children help her write some positive, sweet affirmations on strips of paper and they all hid them all ober their town for people to find. A wonderful idea for any parent.

Nie Nie’s home is as bright and beautiful as she is, and she loves making silhouettes of her children and hanging them up as well as tacking up large photos she takes of her kids on the wall in the kitchen (looks wonderful paired with the vintage looking chandelier)…

For silhouettes of your own you can have a bevy of things made with them on it through Simply Silhouettes. For plates with silhouettes try Rust Designs or dangle the faces of your loved ones on a pendant from here.

These pictures of her and her new baby on a hot summers day made me tear up- and this little bikini print just captures that happy, warm feeling:

Stephanie seems to always have on a cute apron while making something yummy or crafty with her kids- this apron and kids apron from Anthropologie reminds me of such times, as do these lovely bowls from the same.

Orly Kierly’s much anticipated line for Target (coming soon) also just looks like Stephanie!

An avid vegetarian and unwaveringly grateful human being, these books from Amazon might bring a little Nie Nie in your life

These bright bottles of body wash from Philosophy just seemed apropriate, gratitude and the hope to begin again permeate from Stephanie’s post as she recovers amazingly from this tragic ordeal. I hope I brought a little glimmer of her amazing life into your today….
Read her blog and be inspired.

Get well soon Stephanie.

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