Inspirations: Kate Spade


My first “designer” bag purchase was in the late 90’s and was a grey nylon Kate Spade, which I just NOW parted with. Upon purchasing it, I swore that I would never need another bag again. Cut to the present time, where I now need a separate closet just for my bags. My promise may not have lasted, but Kate’s continuously fresh style certainly has. Ever since those days when that little black Kate label inspired me to be a more fashionable person, Kate Spade’s products and personal style have inspired me; never more so than now. She designs with a luxe, WASPy feel, but infused with a giant dose of humor and “joy de vivre”. Being serious is not on Kate’s pink polka dotted agenda. Think Palm Beach meets Greenwich, CT; classic meets modern.

Anything can inspire the decor in a room, in fact one of my favorite sections of Domino Magazine is the “design a room based on an outfit” feature. I always ask my clients what colors they find most often in thier closets, as itis telling of what palettes makes them feel at home. I can decorate a whole room based on the pattern I see on a handbag if it speaks to me as a representation of the person carrying it.

So here are my Kate Spade inspirations for this season:

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