Inspirations: Mary McDonald


I remember opening the January 2006 issue of Domino Magazine and audibly GASPING at the gorgeousness that is Mary McDonald’s office in LA. The huge white vintage desk, Tiffany blue walls and strong black accents all sent me reeling. To further send me into a green-with-envy tailspin was seeing her crafty approach to concealing a metal filing cabinet (below). She took an image she loved and blew it up on a large format copier and glued it to the front!

The stairway in her office is below- isn’t it breathtaking?? She used small ceiling medallions painted black with cuts of wide satin black ribbon behind her white framed artwork. It adds SO much interest!

Here is Mary below in her office, and her killer black drapes in the same office, a Starck ghost chair perched atop gorgeous ebonized wood floors (my favorite- someday I’ll do that to my floors- dark dark brown, not true black)

Below is Mary’s own bedroom and below that is a room at the Luxe Hotel- Sunset Boulevard which she recently redid. I think she is quickly becoming the new Kelly Wearstler. A more accessible, less glitzy uber-glam version of Kelly perhaps.

Check out Mary’s site for more of her work if you are as inspired by her as I am.

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