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I was reminded by a little picture posted by Into the Gloss of one of my favorite movies from my college years…Great Expectations, the 1998 version, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Ethan Hawke, Anne Bancroft and Robert DeNiro. Anyone else remember this movie??? I recall it being slightly creepy, visually stunning and one I watched over and over for the scenery, decor, fashion and art.

The divine Anne Bancroft as Ms. Dinsmoor aka Miss Havisham. Her crazy ass outfits, wigs and makeup were fascinating!

The famous Francesco Clemente did all the art work for the film…

Gwyneth’s wardrobe in this movie was one of my first film wardrobe crushes ever.

Oh that house…

The movie was actually filmed at the Ringling Brothers historic Florida mansion Ca’ d’Zan.

The trailer brings me right back such a specific time…. I need to watch this again!

I think of kelly green and gold when I think of this film… and layers and layers of luxury clouded by the mustiness of a long vintage. Ok, we can skip the mustiness, but the vintage, not a chance. And while I tend to be less dramatic (visually, at least), I really could eat up this kind of decor and way of dressing.

bar cart/chair/ring/ necklace/wallpaper/gown/caftan/ chandelier

(p.s. anyone know why my photoshop fonts are all bitmapped all of the sudden?? EEEKS)


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