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Does your guy’s gut runneth over from a few too many beers and pizza? Well, it appears that Spanx has come out with a line of compression undershirts for men! I think we should call them Manx and I find them positively HILARIOUS. I also love that they have this dude, with his rippling abs, modeling them.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some Spanx and I know that 99% of my girlfriends do too.  In fact at a wedding recently my friend and I both realized we forgot to pack ours and we were all “OMG- this is a disaster!” Seriously. Even Andrew knew this was a PROBLEM, so he offered to go out buy me and my friend some (the sign of a keeper, no?) However, I don’t think men will be as addicted to their own Spanx- what do you think?

Picture 3

Before and After shot that I call bullshit on.

Picture 5


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