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When we were working on our last house renovation I got the opportunity to work with the incredibly talented furniture makers Huston & Company in Kennebunkport, Maine to design my own dining table. Not only did I personally love the finished product, but a lot of other people did and they went on to make a bunch of Gates tables for people all over country in various shapes, sizes and finishes.  So when they approached me to design another piece for them I was delighted to!  I decided that a desk would be perfect as I struggle to find great desks for clients,  and so went about conceptualizing a design that embodied the lines of the dining table mixed with some campaign furniture details. I wanted it to be a modern classic that worked with a variety of decor styles and was of substantial size (I love a nice, big work space!) The finished product, the Gates Desk was recently delivered to my parent’s beach house (I gave the desk to my dad as a thank you for all the work he’s done designing OUR new home) and we styled it up and shot it a couple weeks ago! Check it out!

Rug and wire waste basket from Hudson, chair from DWR, lamp from Pottery Barn, vintage map found at an antique shop in CT


The Gates Desk with three drawers with campaign pulls.


Back and Side Profile


We chose a grey wash over the solid white oak grain for a modern yet classic color scheme.


I am obsessed with these vases from Hudson, by the way.


I love the exaggerated grain and swoop of the legs!


Tray and candle from Hudson // Drawer detail

Here are some pictures of the desk being made.  Every piece from Huston & Company is hand made in their shop in Kennebunkport, Maine.  These pieces are meant to last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations. In a world of disposable furniture there is such beauty in having something hand made just for you that will last forever!





Contact Huston & Company to order and make it your own (I am sure this could easily be made as a rectangle dining table with no drawers as well!)  They are the nicest people int he world to work with and make the often intimidating idea of custom furniture a welcome, lovely experience!


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