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For the past few decades stainless steel has been the reigning champ of the appliance world.  If you’ve ever watched any HGTV episode you know that “stainless steel and granite”  signifies a high end kitchen to the average home buyer.  But I remember growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s in a house with white appliances against whitewashed oak cabinets and it being the “of the moment” style; and now it seems people are trying to make a comeback of not only white appliances but black as well.  Of course they have new fancy names like “White Ice”, and are in more of a smooth matte finish, but they are still the colors of old. So what do we think of this “new” trend?

This is GE’s new “Slate” range- a more matte dark grey finish.  This I can see working in combination with dark grey cabinets I think…


A better representation of the color:


Shown installed:


Maybe? But still feels a little too heavy with the white cabinets to me…


Miele is doing  a very modern white appliance line shown here:


GE has a range called Artistry which comes in tons of colors, but the black and white are the most “common”.  It has a very vintage flare to it which could be cute in a little cottage, but a bit too cutesy anywhere else- especially the fridge.



Here it is installed with grey cabinets. Close, but I am still unsure as to my opinion on the heaviness of the black….


Although in this shot, with slightly fancier appliances and finishes, the black kind of works?? Still visually heavy though.


Whirlpool has “White Ice”…



Which looks pretty harmless here:


And a matte black finish too…


Which I do not like. Meh.


What is your opinion? Would you use any of these “new” finishes or do you think stainless is a tried and true classic we just should not mess with?


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