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I was perusing Net-A-Porter this morning for a dress for my event next week when I came across this Balmain t-shirt.


I laughed thinking- ok, this looks like something you might find in a trash bin or a rag you MAYBE could wash your car with. I chuckled to myself about the ridiculousness of the fashion industry sometimes, and the trends they try to inflict on us no matter how bizarre.


How can anyone in their right mind find it even remotely reasonable to charge $1,600 for this?!?!?!!? I am shocked. SHOCKED. And a bit insulted that designers think we, as consumers, are this stupid! I don’t care how filthy rich you are, you cannot justify spending that much on a cotton t-shirt with holes it it because it has a Balmain label sewn in it!

I just had to share, as I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Have a great weekend!


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