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It is so embarrassing to admit that in my 11 years living in Boston I had never been to the famed Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum until last week. Invited in by the marketing team, I told myself it was about time to make time to go. And I am so glad I did! I am already planning a more thorough visit back in a coming weekend as I was charmed to the gills by the place.  I hope to craft a new “things to do/see/stay/eat in Boston” guide for you soon, and this will be at the top of the list!

(new wing by architect Renzo Piano- photo via Boston Magazine)

The most captivating part of this place is the courtyard. It’s truly incredible and such a hidden jewel in the middle of the city.

In the summer of Thursday nights you should totally go for Gardner After Hours when the museum is open until 9 and you can enjoy cocktails in this incredible space!

We did get to see some cool spaces not open to the public like the former apartment space occupied by Isabella and then the museum directors.  Check out the metallic wallpaper made from tea paper and the ceiling paper in a metallic floral pattern.

An awesome French chandelier and a painting of Isabella that was not ever displayed in the museum. They say it’s because either it wasn’t finished or because she didn’t like this. It’s like old school “un-tagging” of an unflattering pic on Facebook I think. :)

I loved the pattern on this chair in the tapestry room as well as the detailed railings outside the apartment windows.

Many of you know about the famous art heist that happened here in 1990 (still unsolved)- the empty frames hang in the museum still.

(photo of missing works via HERE)

As a kid I have to say I was most excited about the shop at the end of every museum visit (are you surprised?) And when I walked into the store- Gift at The Gardner– I was just as excited- and even more so when I learned that the woman who runs the shop and buys for it used to do the same for ABC Home in NYC! No wonder this isn’t your normal museum shop- there are so many amazing things in here from jewelry to home accessories to unique things for kids.  I plan on doing some holiday shopping here for sure (or shop now online).


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