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The “island” pun seemed like a good way to re-introduce myself after my long weekend away in the Bahamas (side note: The Ocean Club was AMAZING, a great escape a mere 3 hour flight from Boston).  I have been noticing in my Pinterest/ Insta/ magazine perusing that freestanding, leggy islands, or even farm tables, have been catching my eye more and more. There is something very charming about having a table in the middle of the kitchen… as we all know, that is where everyone congregates no matter how many other dining and entertaining spaces you have. If you have a large enough kitchen to provide ample storage and countertop area, this look of skipping an island can keep the kitchen from feeling too heavy.

This country kitchen makes me want to sit down for a cup of tea and peel some apples, no?

I also love how a vintage freestanding piece adds a bit of patina and interest to an all new space as well, like in this amazing space by Susan Marinello.

Need a bit of storage but love this leggy look? Design an island that looks freestanding but has drawers, like this one by Amber Lewis.

This is another one, (complete with outlets!) that also uses a reclaimed wood top to add some of that patina I was talking about without losing function. The lower shelf is useful too!

This simple but statement making space by Kaemingk Design employs dramatic shaded fixture, no upper cabinets or shelves and a long reclaimed wood table perfect for prepping or dining.

Summer Thornton SLAYED it in this kitchen using an extra long baker’s style table with marble top.  A solid island may have blocked the sight lines a bit too much and felt a bit heavy in this space.

This is a cool concept (image via Domino)- using a marble top on wood legs and adding WHEELS, so make it a movable island of sorts- but also able to host some counter stools too!

A super charming vintage table in this petite kitchen with BIG style.

Another newly constructed open island from Park & Oak Design that blends looks and function. Also, that blue stove is bonkers.

Here are some retail options for freestanding islands, some new and some antique.  Some counter height, some table height. All wonderful options to get this look.

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