It Makes Saying Goodbye So Much Harder…


I got the last and final issue of Blueprint this weekend and I have to say, this was one of their best issues to date- and now they are leaving me??? Sometimes it takes a magazine some time to find it’s own voice, style and following- and this one wasn;t given much time to do so. I turned down so many of the pages with fantastic tips and images that upon scanning the last page I thought “This sucks, this magazine is friggin’ GREAT!!” Kind of like a boyfriend making a last grand gesture of romance before dumping you. It hurts, Blueprint, it hurts.

This idea came from an older issue and I just love it. A cheap, DIY project that can result in gallery-worthy artwork!
Find something that speaks to you, and old envelope or playing card looks great, see above, but it could be anything that is graphically interesting or meaningful to you. Scan into your computer (or have a Kinko’s do it for you) and print on a large, poster-sized scale! Shutterfly prints posters, as does a Kinko’s or the like. Slap it in an simple IKEA frame and voila!!

Another New England nor’easter has rendered me homebound today-so expect some added posts!

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