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Am I the last blogger out there to post about Kate Spade’s new clothing line for fall? Perhaps, but I still have to add my two cents! After all, I remember my first Kate Spade bag like it was yesterday- I thought I had died and gone to fashion heaven. Steel grey and affixed with that all important black label, I fell head over heels for her at that moment of purchase 12 years ago and never stopped admiring her growing empire!
I am absolutely LOVING the Mad Men meets Audrey Hepburn meets Zooey Dechanel aesthetic of this new line. Kate has always had an incredible ability to incorporate many influences into her style to craft a luxurious but whimsically updated WASPy appearance. Stuff you can wear to the preppiest country club or coolest downtown night club and still look perfectly dressed!
Needing this little cropped jacket and yellow party dress!

These look a bit Zooey

These a bit Anne Hathaway/Devil Wears Prada

These very Audrey/Holly Golightly….

This is mere perfection- the classic design but with the bow detail at the back and incredibly fun lining? Get on my back, coat.

This skirt/shirt/tights combo is a killer fall night out outfit (found on Bloomingdale’s with these delish heels with cheetah heels!)

Kate also always brings her visual impact to her personal spaces as well- here are a bunch of my favorite images of Kate’s own homes- note the abundance of gallery style wall hangings, mixture of modern art with traditional furniture, bold color and general sense of FUN.

Kate Spade’s creative director Deborah Lloyd also clearly captures the brand’s sense of fun and glamour as seen here in her own home (she looks exactly like Audrey in that first pic, no?)

The New York Kate Spade store has also been revamped and I’m loving the addition of a little punch of Palm Springs to the space!!!

I could go on and on about her bags, shoes, accessories, dishes, flatware and the like, but unfortunately I have another job other than this blog! :) Viva Kate!


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