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I’ve gotten lots of comments and traffic from people looking for the John Derian for Target line I mention a few weeks ago. The ads gave one date for product arrival but a slew of you across the country have said you could not find it in the stores nor did the employees know what you were speaking about. I got this message last night from a Target employee:

OK guys, I work for Target and here is the scoop: The Derian merchandise is in TWO places in the store – on an endcap in stationery (does not have his name anywhere on it, just a “New At Target” header) and on an endcap in furniture/home accessories (has his name at the top big and bold). If all you could find was the stationery, your store did not set the second endcap yet. Stationery was due to be set the WEEK of 9/7 – but could be set as late as the 13th. Home Acc was due to be set the WEEK of 9/14 – but could be set as late as the 20th. Hence the confusion in the magazine articles. Not our fault in the stores, please be kind! The product is very cool and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, don’t give up! And please be nice to the team members who don’t know what you are talking about when you ask – the name placement on the stationery product is VERY discreet, word has been slow to get out in the stores.

Go forth and prosper, people. Or at least go forth to Target and give them all your money like I do.


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