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Well, after over 24 hours with no internet I feel like I’ve been the friggin’ MOON! It’s amazing how out of touch with the world you feel without constant Wi-Fi in your life! Sheesh!
Anywhoo, I know a lot of you are like me and are completely obsessed with bookcases- I typically tend to veer towards the built in variety, but a well curated stand alone can have me weak in the knees too. After color coding all the spines of my books for a photo-shoot years ago (drawing odd looks from the hubby) I realized that the actual books themselves really make such a difference. A stack of Jodi Piccoult paperbacks just doesn’t aesthetically please quite the same way as vintage fabric hardcovers with gold lettering, huh? Cue Juniper Books where not only will they source amazing books for your collection but also custom cover your tomes in whatever you can dream up! Just look at these amazing options!

Images created along a series of spines…. GENIUS.

Wrapped in print and faux leathers….

Clean and classic with fabulous fonts….

Vintage inspired and bold colors…

Various fabric inspired prints….

Or fabric itself!

I LOVE the colors shown here- varying papers and inks that all coordinate together!

Ombre shades of pink…

Or simulated vellum covers….

And look at some of the installations they’ve done! It makes you want to curl up with a good novel (I’m reading Unbroken right now and LOVE it), doesn’t it?


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