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This past weekend Andrew and I celebrated the five year anniversary of our wonderfully gorgeous wedding by taking a trip up to Kennebunkport, Maine and staying at the absolutely knock your socks off charming Cottages at Cabot Cove thanks to a nice little deal on Jetsetter! From the second we arrived I was squealing with delight.  Cabot Cove is a collection of dollhouse like beach house style cottages on a little inlet, each designed by a different decorator and complete with shell walkways, gorgeous landscaping and little private patios and decks. I have always loved anything done in miniature (not sure what that’s all about) so this place was like Disneyland!  Our little cottage, “Trellis”, made me 1) want to move to the ocean 2) live in a teeny tiny space. How clever they were with each thought out detail of how to make the most of the 285 square feet of this place! Fromt he high open ceilings to the light painted floors to the center built in dividing the bed from the living area and full kitchen complete with a swiveling tv inside you could see from either side. This place was the essence of what the word “charming” should be.



Loved the deep peacock blue front door!


Other cottages:




Come on in…



That little antler mounted on lucite in the bookshelf was calling for me to take it home. But I resisted. :)


Vintage wood ledges next to the bed and MORE lucite mounted goodies….the efficient adorable bathroom, complete with a black towel embroidered with “makeup”. GENIUS! How gross is it when your white towels are covered in foundation and mascara?


Next to our cottage were these fabulous little areas to enjoy the perfect 70 degree sunny weather!


Some gracious old homes in the neighborhood:



This fabulous old fish market car seen cruising around town caught my eye:


The coast is breathtakingly beautiful- we sat looking at the ocean with coffee and I think my soul felt more renewed than it has in a long time.



The Bush compound. What a crappy piece of land, huh? :)


More crappy home sites. Seriously though, can you IMAGINE the views from these homes? Priceless!



A prime example of New England beach house design FAIL: a giant abacus on your front lawn in front of your bazillion dollar house overlooking the ocean. I know art is subjective, but this cracked me up. It probably cost more than my condo too.


As f this wasn’t enough, I woke up our anniversary morning to a cup of coffee and one of these:


A very lucky girl, indeed.  Marriage is hard work and something that baffles and delights me in equal measure.  I may not know much about it yet,  but I am certain of one thing- it’s made much easier by having a partner who is unwaveringly supportive, slapstick funny and generous beyond words.


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