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Last week I had a couple meetings in NYC and so I got the chance to stop by the Kips Bay Decorator’s Showhouse and check out what the designers had done this year.  I have to say, the most breathtaking, amazing work was done in the spiral staircase running the entire height of the five floor townhome.  Every inch was hung gallery wall style over a beautiful grey and white wallpaper and it was STUNNING.  Done by Philip Mitchell Design, it was, hands-down, my favorite space in the whole house.  Take a peek…

Obsessed with the mix of art- abstract, landscape, photography…you name it, it looks amazing all mixed together.

This was a HUGE job as this staircase was insane.


Hanging on curved walls is really hard, only attempt if you can hire some professionals who can make sure all your art is secured to the wall.


Another example of an amazing mix of mediums- from huge mats (which I adore) to puppy portraits and three dimensional objects. Just awesome.


Also a mix of frames were used- you can mix all sorts of frames to give it a very “collected” quality.


In one area on a landing was a large grid of black and white photographs and one heck of a light fixture.


Another nook showed another version of gallery style which is keeping everything monochromatic- both the art itself and the framing- against a  dark grey wall color.


OK, I guess we can move on from the stairs. :)

This was a cool men’s retreat designed by Alan Tanksley, which had a kind of safari feel to it.


The main living room was done by Alessandra Branca and was an interesting mix of country gingham and modern art.


Red was a popular color in the main spaces- in this dining room by Mark D. Sikes I quite loved this banquette corner which mixed red and blue in a fresh way.


This bathroom by Clive Christian was full of amazing detail from the capiz shell wallcovering to the monogram inlay cabinetry.


I may be the only designer who dislikes this crystal ship light fixture which I’ve seen everywhere. But I really don’t. But I love the tub and window treatments.


This landing was done by my friends from Tilton Fenwick, with the walls upholstered in their Duralee fabric and the chair rail covered in a cool trim.


And I DIE for this chair, which is of course antique.


The kitchen was done by the famous Christopher Peacock and was a mix of super dark charcoal cabinets and some cool details like these oversize pendants and raw edge wood island end.


I wasn’t so into the greenery planted into the open knots in the wood top, but I did love the concept.  And these pendants prove that sometimes going crazy overscale can work.  These would look totally off on a plan and if you saw them in a showroom alone you would never think they would work in a kitchen with 9 foot ceilings. But they did!


This  bathroom by Peter J. Sinnott was a cool mix of wallcoverings and an interesing pop of color on the trim.


The floor tile, by Akdo, was really cool as well!  It was so hard to shoot the rooms overall because there were so many people in each one!


The bedroom also had upholstered walls (very, very popular in this years house) paired with more modern photography and art.


Canopy beds with draperies were also seen in a couple rooms!


A study done by Thom Filicia


Another canopy bed done by Cathy Kincaid, was a very traditional and feminine with custom applique bedding and lots of interesting antique touches.



Did you go? What did you think? I think this year was a bit less risky and daring than others I’ve seen, but with more details that you could actually apply to your own life.



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