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(i’m loving this pic i took)

I’m back. With a slight tan, a bit of time zone drag and lots of inspiration. LA was unusually hot for this time of year, (it hit 98!) but that did not stop me from pounding the pavement in search of quintessential west coast style. I found out that most people in LA don’t walk everywhere, but being from a walking city I know no other way- so it felt foreign to be one of very few people actually hoofing it everywhere.
I stayed in the perfect location, at the both very cool/very kitschy Farmer’s Daughter hotel,a cross the street from the famous Farmer’s Market and The Grove. Location wise, it’s perfect for the visiting shopper- you can walk (or cab) to just about everything. The common areas of the hotel are fabulous- especially Tart, the restaurant that has a huge outdoor seating area. The rooms lacked a finished feel- with scuff marks and some chipping paint on the walls, a sad little bathroom and an eyesore a/c unit. But the friendly staff was wonderfully helpful and sweet (how can you not love a front desk woman who asks you if you are a model when you stumble down for the paper at 7 a.m.?)
Anyways, so much to discuss- for now I’ll stick with the most fun part of my trip- getting to meet and shop with Jen Gotch, of My Polaroid Blog and Becoming a Foodie fame. Feeling like she was a long lost friend, or perhaps my WAY cooler separated at birth sister, we chatted over a yummy breakfast at Maison Midi, where we also spied some insanely cool planters that I may have to have shipped east and a plethora of gorgeous glassware.

We popped into some truly amazing stores, New Stone Age and Zipper being my favorite, and each bought a bling-y gold toothbrush at Flight 001 (because life is just not complete without a shiny gold toothbrush). We played with the cutest puppies ever(next to Bax) at Puppies & Babies and I had to practically be dragged out of there. I can’t even remember where else we went right now because my mind is still trying to catch up.

We finished our little adventure at the gorgeous cafe/food shop Joan’s on Third, excitedly rummaging through the gorgeous pre-packaged foods and treats. I bought a beautiful pink raspberry cupcake and indulged in it while kicking my feet up back in my room. A perfect end to a perfect day. A huge thanks to Jen for her hospitality!

I have lots more pics and things to cover from my trip, but I need to unpack and get myself back in gear first. I have to finish with this though, being the wise-assed New Englander I am. I picked up this bottle of water at the omnipresent Coffee Bean one morning and laughed out loud when I saw this label. Really? Do you need to print in big letters the fact that water is “fat free”??? Is there any other kind?? Only in LA, folks…..

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