L.A. Update!


HI guys! Sorry this is getting posted so late for those on the east coast- clearly I am adjusting to west coast time and the WiFi in the hotel has been on the fritz this morning! L.A. has been great so far! My shoot with IKEA and OWN went so much better than I expected.  I didn’t have my phone on set to take pics but some of the PR people there said they would send me pics to share with you later.  What a production! I almost peed my pants when pulling up and seeing multiple trailers and like 30 people working on set.  But the crew was SO amazing and the director so laid back and kind that I actually ENJOYED myself instead of stressing so much that I missed the whole experience.  So I’m really happy and proud that I pulled it off. Then I came back to my hotel and my room is big enough to hold a yoga class in! It’s so fabulous- not to mention the perfect welcome gift from O of wine and the most amazing chocolates I’ve ever had by John Kelly. I ate most of them last night while watching the train wreck that is Magic Mike in my room. But holy hell can that Channing Tatum dance!

How great is this orange lacquer console in the HUGE entry?

Yesterday I got to wander around LA with one of my besties from Miss Porters in LA and see a few shops…. like Harbinger and Hollywood at Home (Peter Dunham’s shop).

How great is the exterior at Harbinger?

Peter Dunham’s shop featuring his own fabrics, which I love to use in my projects, and some of John Robshaw’s (who I got to have dinner with a couple weeks ago and is SO wonderfully charming and fun!)

Charming nooks and crannies off La Cienega.

While I find downtown LA to be not all that pretty- there sure are parts that are!

Then a fabulous lunch at Fig & Olive which is GORGEOUS.

Off to have lunch with a reader today (yes, sometimes if you email me I do write back- I know I’m terrible about that) and tomorrow we have our kick off event for the Life Improvement Project at IKEA in Covina with Lisa Ling and the whole Life Improvement Squad crew (I had amazingly fun drinks the other night with Amy Atlas who is the entertaining expert and she is fabulous!)  If anyone in LA wants to come please RSVP to O Magazine at teh address below!

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