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I can tell you that I am clearly of the “paint splatter” side of the brain.  This Mercedes ad is genius (even though I’m a BMW girl)

Am not one bit mathematically inclined. Just ask any of my former math teachers who will probably recount my name with a shake of the head. I also was quite grossed out by fetal pig dissection in biology. I am rarely practical, orderly or rational. My purse is a mess, as is my closet. I think perhaps my left brain was removed in a lobotomy.

I AM, however, passionate, loud, vivid and total free-spirited mess of radiating enthusiasm or dark and twisty stuff.  I cannot sit still. I have to be online, reading a magazine and watching a TV show to “relax”. I FEEL everything, sometime too much. I often have paint under my fingernails. Perhaps I am more ADHD than right brained.

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