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I’ve noticed a lot of kitchens and baths lately boldly employing patterned tile floors, walls and backsplashes. These tiles, mostly examples of Moroccan cement tile, are both contemporary and vintage and when mixed with modern cabinetry and details, can result in a truly showstopping look. But I have to wonder, will this look be timeless? Is it a risk worth taking in main space like a kitchen? Lets take a look at some examples and talk it through.

This room just uses the patterned tile behind the range, which I love in combination with he rustic beams, brick and the sleek counter and cabinetry.


Tom Scheerer does SUCH a wonderful job using this style of tile- this kitchen forgoes upper cabinets completely and allows the pattern to really take over. I personally NEED upper cabinets or shelves, so I would love some white floating shelves with this kind of look.


This floor looks so fabulous, especially with the beams, shiplap walls and modern concrete sink. I really adore this and find it perfect for a beach house.


Hmm, I’m noticing a beam theme here…. :)  This floor has the popular tumbling blocks pattern which is kept from looking busy by simple subway on the walls and open shelving.


I adore this bathroom by Amber Interiors. The dark painted vanity paired with the patterned floor tile looks sleek- and the rug on top is a bonus!


DRA-MA!  Lacquered green modern cabinetry looks so cool paired with the more traditional tile run right to the ceiling!  Note the wood floor too- I prefer this to more tile on the floor.


A simpler play on this style in a small bathroom.  It gives a tiny space big personality.


Another killer Tom Scheerer kitchen- this one from a spread probably 9-10 years old (or more!). And it looks TOTALLY modern today, right down to the cabinets- so here is one argument against the “trendy” stance on this look!


An Emily Henderson designed kitchen- here is an example of when a mix of the floor tile and wall tile works, mostly because the counters are butcher block which softens that surface a bit.


Two bathrooms employing a patterned floor, black clawfoot tub and white subway walls.  Both look super cool.


There is a more modern pattern on this tile and paired with muted green cabinets it’s awesome. Quite stunning, actually.


I posted this kitchen recently and I’ll posit it again because it’s SO damn good. I love everything about this space.


DYING to use this tile on the left in a bathroom soon. Especially in a blue- like the shot on the right.


The patterned tile gives this super modern kitchen more warmth and personality than if it were just marble or plain tile.


Bold color limited just to the floor makes this bathroom bold but also totally serene at the same time.


Black, white and yep, more beams! Classic meets statement!


For tiles in this style check out Exquisite Surfaces, Popham Design, Mosaic House and Cement Tile ShopOverstock.com even has an interesting selection!

So what do you guys think? Are you into this look?





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