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As I sat alone in my apartment last night eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for dinner  (pairing it with a nice Sauvignon Blanc, after much deliberation about what wine goes with cereal-repulsive) I stumbled upon the Boston-based food blog La Tartine Gourmand.  It instantly whipped up the lingering dreams I’ve always had of being a fantastic cook / domestic goddess (and caused me to cast a judgmental eye on my choice of dinner). I spent hours clicking my way through her blog, enamored by her stunning photographs of the preparation of meals, the delicious final products and the life that weaves it all together.  How beautiful to combine a picture of a sunny cranberry bog next to a styled photo of a freshly baked upside down cranberry cake, no?  Only someone with effortless French style (she grew up in France-jealous) could make it all look so chic.Her photographs showcase her flawless eye and ability to turn the most simple ingredient or landscape into something impossibly charming.  Style is style, whether it’s food, photos, homes, fashion, dance, whatever.

Someday perhaps I will be the kind of girl who spends a rainy day making gourmet delicacies for my family from fresh farmers market goods served on hand-painted ceramics and fresh linens– but until then I will just visit Bea’s world (and await her cookbook in 2011!)












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