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In May I was SO excited to celebrate the engagement of my long-time project manager/ assistant/ right hand Lindsey.  But when she told me she planned to get marries that August I thought she was a little nuts!  Four months to plan a wedding is SO fast, but of course, like everything else Lindsey does, not only did she do it- she did it PERFECTLY.

They decided to get married on August 23rd in a gorgeous chapel very important to her beloved grandparents and have a down-home reception in the field behind her parent’s home.  She was working on a tight budget, and I just had to share the gorgeous pictures (by friend and photographer Sarah Winchester) and details to show off all her hard work! Enjoy!

Lindsey getting ready with the help of her nephew…

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-2Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-12

Jewelry borrowed from family, earrings from Bhldn and shoes from Nina.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-21

I mean, how AMAZING does she look??? Dress by Maggie Sottero (style name Bronwyn), hair by Lisa Frallicciardi and makeup by her maid of honor’s little sister Rory Luoma for Bobbi Brown.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-67Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-69

Bridesmaids bouquets wrapped in burlap…

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-70

Lindsey’s bouquet. Just wait until I tell you about the flowers further down…. you’ll die.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-71

Perfection getting aboard her trolley….

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-73

Bridesmaids dresses from J.Crew in soft peach in a mix of styles (her color scheme was navy and blush)

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-77

Lindsey and Eric had their “first look” in the garden at her grandparent’s home. Another shot of the back of her dress because it was so gorgeous.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-308

Eric waiting for his bride…. (Lindsey made his boutonniere!)

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-141Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-145

How romantic is this???


The bride and groom posing by a trail in Andover named for her grandparents. As Andrew said when he saw Lindsey enter the church “OMG, she looks like Keira Knightley!”.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-169

On their way to get married!

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-181

But first a toast, of course!

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-191Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-271

Lindsey’s other man in her life, Sampson the Mastiff. Other than the stunning bride and groom, this guy was the star of the party. He’s wearing a bowtie collar from Pecan Pie Puppies on Etsy in navy gingham to match the groomsmen’s shirts!

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-278

Don’t worry Sampson, she still loves you most.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-294

The AMAZING chapel.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-396Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-361

Lindsey designed, printed and assembled these herself- three times, actually (after a few mishaps!)

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-323

Lindsey and her dad about to walk down the aisle.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-341

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-353

Lindsey’s family owns a tree company so there was a bounty of logs to work with- like this stack with place cards attached with kraft paper tags!

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-638

Pretty beverage details

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-479Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-485

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-602

Eric and Lindsey’s brothers built this beer bar using taps found on eBay! GENIUS!

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-500

Colorful friends and flowers…

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-507Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-600

And Hunter, Lindsey’s nephew, looking adorable.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-650

The grandmothers snapping Polaroids for the guest book….

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-468

Passed appetizers and the cake baked with love by Lindsey’s aunt.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-593Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-668

OK, guys- these centerpieces were AMAZING.  Eric built the boxes from old wooden palettes himself and Lindsey’s aunt andf cousins foraged most of the greenery from her grandfather’s garden.  The rest of the flowers were bought at the flower market by Lindsey and assembled by her friend Katrina Batal.  She did 15 centerpiece boxes and all 8 bouquets for only $750!!!!! Can you even believe it??

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-516

Personalized seed packets from Vermont Wildflower Farm using a stamp from this Etsy shop.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-519

Burlap runners and votives from Save-On-Crafts and frames from Michaels, the sweetheart table decorated with vintage plates, candlesticks and vases found at antique shops in Maine.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-527Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-510

Lindsey found these chairs on Craigslist for $10 and spray painted them white and painted the menu sign on old wood. She is one crafty woman!

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-823Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-816

The totally delicious food by Above the Clouds.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-808

The bar was built using a vintage soapstone sink Lindsey’s Dad had (LOVE!)

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-705

The sweet couple’s first dance.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-733

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-752Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-800

Sampson thought this whole party was thrown for him- he decided to be a part of the best man’s toast and made out with all the ladies (ahem…)

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-839Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-581

The tent from Peterson Party Center was strung with lights donated by a former employer of the groom.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-903

The beer bar all lit up! :)

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-832

A firpit built by Lindsey’s brothers offered a place to roast S’mores.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-846

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-848

Sampson stole the show again when he waltzed onto the dance floor and laid down and refused to move. :)  Even for these two dancing idiots.

Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-878Retelle-Hanson Wedding_Aug2014(lowres)-913

It was a wonderful event full of love, family effort and happy memories.  CONGRATS LINDSEY & ERIC!!!!










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