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This is a very scattered post, however, I have a BIG shoot tomorrow in which I have to have three outfit options ready and I currently have half of one. Today will consist of a lot of running around, crying in dressing rooms, panicked purchases and trying to find a look that represents my personality, brand and style ideals.  No pressure. I can put together some fierce outfits for you guys on Fridays, but when it comes to outfits for photo shoots I freeze like a deer in headlights and am never pleased with the result.  My perfectionist tendencies always get the best of me.

So before I go bang on the doors of Bloomingdale’s to let me in early let’s discuss something else. Hunger Games. I read the series last year in like, a hot minute. As a Twilight lover I was game for any new young adult trilogy but this one was of another breed. One in which women are empowered not left pining for an undead, semi-violent lover (don’t worry Edward, still love you most). If I had a daughter I’d much rather she read Hunger Games than Twilight any day of the week. I loved it!  So is it of much surprise that a bunch of friends and I are going to see it opening weekend?  And even though I am THIRTY FREAKING TWO, we are kind of entertaining the idea of dressing up. And by “kind of” I mean we are planning our outfits now. I have grabbed the role of Katniss because I’m the only one with dark hair and leather pants in her possession. That and I’m a Leo so you know I have to be the lead role. In no attempt to conceal my dorkiness here is my ideal costume– one in which I could ditch the bow and arrow and actually go into a bar after and not look like a total psycho.

Hunger Games Premiere

And can we discuss the HOTNESS that was Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere last night? That gold dress is amazing and she looks fierce in it! Slightly sporty, young but simple and stunning.
And while we are on the topic of popular trilogies I have to address this whole Fifty Shades of Grey business.  The wife of a former work colleague of my husband’s told me about it a month ago.  I had never heard of it and meant to check it out but then the Today show did a whole big thing on it and as a pop culture freak, I bought it so I could get in on the discussion. And all I have to say (and pardon my French) is this…
I was floored… FLOORED… to find out what this book was really about. And totally baffled as to how this incredibly poorly written book got on the best seller list beyond it’s slack-jaw inducing shock value. I mean, her writing skills make Stephanie Meyer look like Shakespeare.  Not to mention the topic. When I saw the piece on Today I thought the critics were being prudish and conservative with their up in arms attitude about it. Until I read it.  And I am not a megaphone wielding feminist by any stretch of the imagination, but this book really appalled me. Everyone’s got their “thing” and you can be one way in life and another in the privacy of your bedroom and that is all good and what makes life interesting, but COME ON. I would expect this to be the stuff found in dark corners of Amazon for a select few, not on the best seller list of mainstream America! The same place where we are STILL having to argue about contraceptives and the right to choose.It’s sucha  contradiction of values that I am rendered, well, speechless.
Have you read it? Your thoughts?

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