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It was announced this week that Jackie O’s childhood home, Merrywood in McLean, Virginia, is up for sale. For a cool $49.5 million (seriously, who has that much money???)  And while that price makes this home insanely, insanely unattainable short of Jeff Bezos (P.S. Amazon is taking over the WORLD)- it’s so fun to look at, no? Even Andrew sent me the link to this as a blog suggestion!

Now THIS is an entry! If I were in charge of the redesign, I’d keep that wallpaper. And that mirror. (Barry Dixon did the home as shown)

I don’t exactly know what one does with a room this large, but DAYUM, I could figure it out.

Well, this is just lovely (minus the furnishings, IMO, a bit much for me)

This room is sooooo Ron Burgundy “I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”  (I never thought I’d quote Anchorman in a post about Jackie O- life is full of suprises.)

Looks at all those pillows! Even I think that’s excessive and I love me an abundance of throw pillows! But also, I really want to sleep here. And look at all that detail on the ceiling. Amazing.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. I have no witty comment for this, it’s too good.

Jackie  had MANY exquisite, over the top incredible homes of her youth.  Not only Merrywood but also a HUGE mansion in Newport called Hammersmith Farm (the site of her wedding reception to JFK) and an estate in the Hamptons as well. In recent years, the Hamptons home was bought by design duo Reed and Delphine Krakoff and was featured in AD. Lets take a peek…


That paneling is original to the home, I love the color paired with the yellow accents that compliment the foyer wallpaper.

PER-FECTION.  The modern coffee table paired with all the antiques and traditional upholstery is brilliant.

A relatively modest kitchen for a house that was for sale for $39 million last year!

Love the dichotomy of modern and traditional here as well (all the lighting was antique Tiffany, as Reed is the artistic director there.)

Whenever I see latticework like this all I can think about is WHO IS GOING TO DUST THIS?

Like, picture all the dust in those nooks and crannies! Also, this is a very fun room ripe for cocktail hour.

I adore this tailored but traditional canopy bed paired with the modern rug.  I also think its interesting how they used almost the same rug in all the bedrooms, other than the master, but in different colors. If one likes continuity but wants each space to have its own vibe, that is one way to do it!

A perfect bathroom. That zebra chair obviously is my jam and I love how it’s so unexpected in a bath!

While I may have added a gilded framed sketch above the bed, I adore how this room feels like a breath of fresh air.  The ethereal feel is perfect for a summer house, as the modern bed is made interesting with the rope texture and pattern.


Another bedroom with the modern canopy bed, this time in yellow with a fun edge detail.

And another, in a bold green.  I love love love love this room for a little girl– its fun but yet can completely grow with them!

Yeah, not too shabby.

AS I always say, I’d be an EXCELLENT billionaire. Really, I would rock that. :)







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