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This has nothing to do with interior design, other than how eco-chic (and cheeky) you will look with this hanging in your closet or on your shoulder full of groceries.

Anya Hindmarch, the fabulous handbag designer, has launched a project to help you do your part to save the planet while looking oh-so-cool. “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” was launched in Britain, and has already sold out (and thus, popped up on eBay for far over retail prices). It is finally being launched in the US in navy blue (my favorite!) very soon. Seen on the arm of celebs such as Reese Witherspooon, people will be CLAMORING to get these bags at $15 a pop to tote with them to Whole Foods. I have started bringing my own fabric bag to the store and it’s SO much easier than trying to man handle 15 shoddy plastic bags!
So sign up now to get on the list to get one. Ok, I shall step down off my save the world soapbox now…


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