Living the Good Life (in the sun)


More snow. It’s like an epic joke on all of us in New England. So I am forced to go in search of sunnier climates on the interwebs.  I am (and have been for a while now) coveting the beach photography of the masterful Massimo Vitali. Whats even better is that his website plays the sound of crashing waves over and over and I like to keep it up as calming background white noise. :) It keeps me from crying every time I look out the window into the arctic tundra I call home. Anywhoo- I adore the way these modern, large scale scenes work so wonderfully in a variety of homes styles- from modern to traditional.

Steven Gambrel

Brad Ford via Lonny

No idea via Coco + Kelley

You can find a good selection of prints available through Orange in LA on 1st Dibs (if you’re cool with parting with about $4,000 for one)

Another photographer with similar style is photographer Richard Misrach– although he shoots from above.

Love this one!

I think this one of just the water would be magnificent in a modern beach house!

And how could I not include the famous  Slim Aarons in this post? When I finally begin collecting real art, I would love to acquire one of these too!  Everyone looks like they are just having so much being fabulous. And look at how these prints are used in a variety of homes- from antique filled traditional to the modern home of Lulu deKwiatowski!

Have a great day everyone- hope it’s sunny where you are!

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