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I was reading the very clever Balustrade and Bitters and nearly dropped my coffee when viewing Colleen Rider’s gorgeous photos of the Tavern restaurant in L.A.   It’s a magnificent interpretation of an English pub by design Jeffrey Alan Marks, who splits his time between those two locations (and is cute as a button himself).  This will certainly be on my list of “must see’s” for my winter LA trip!

Design elements to note: the rivet edged metal tables, the rope detail on the lighting, the sofa-like tufted banquettes, the row of armchairs behind the bar stools in the bar (genius), the rough hewn flooring, the beautiful blue/grey wall color in the bar and the amazing chinoiserie wallpaper against the textured brick. All truly breathtaking!

Picture 22

Picture 7

Picture 4

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 6Picture 19

Picture 31

Picture 32

Photos via Volleen Rider/Balustrade & bitters, JAM Design and Tavern LA.

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