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I am sure that 99% of you have already looked through the new Lonny and swooned over the fabulosity of it.  Well, I can’t help but post my favorites anyways with some commentary since that’s how I roll.  Boring? Perhaps, but I got about 3 hours of sleep and my creative brain has gone on strike for the moment!  In all seriousness though, Lonny has officially won a place in my heart.  I still want pages to turn in my hand, but the imagery and selection of spaces they show not only are inspirational but also real.  You recognize store bought items and know that not all the spaces were created on big budgets.  That speaks to me, as well as you I’m sure.

What not start with editor Michelle Adams’ own apartment? I adore the whimsy of this ostrich wallpaper- you have to look close to get a giggle because at first it looks botanical or floral from far away. A sense of humor is always appreciated in a home!  The vignette of the vintage console mixed with layered art, lighting and accoutrement is pure perfection (confession: I LOOOOOOVE curating tabletop scenes like this. LOVE.)

Picture 6

Her dining area is totally accessible in that I immediately recognized the chairs from Ballard and the table from West Elm. The mix of traditional and modern is fantastic as are the big, modern art prints!

Picture 9

Oh hello black wall. Need I say more? I think not.

Picture 20

This shot is just gorgeous, as many transition shots are.  From bright and white to black and cozy- I wanna just move in!

Picture 25

Laura Day’s place slayed me. Like I almost fell on the ground and died a slow cinematic death over the details. This whole dining room- the mirrored panels, art, drapes, FLOORS, cute kid…. modern marvel (I would have added a fab chandelier though, just sayin’)

193709-12-09 copy

Although not my taste typically- the stylistic mix of her living room looks bright and fun- the vintage rug with the hollywood glam console, bold contemporary art and lots of textures….

Picture 19

Picture 26

The kids rooms are the COOLEST in their sparse yet creatively cool decor!  The overscale mirror above the crib? LOVE! And the photo wall above the toddler bed with the Paul Smith rug (which coincidentally has been in two posts in the past week) are fun yet not baby-ish AT ALL.

Picture 29

Picture 30

This is what I call a design sneak attack- this hallway seating area looks lovely with it’s contrasts and punch of color….

Picture 27

And then BAM- you’re hit square in the face with the amazingness of the back of the settee! How I appreciate details like this- it’s kind of like a ninja kick to the head, in a good way. That doesn’t make sense, but you know what I mean. :)

Picture 28

These two spaces I appreciated for it’s dressing up of a modern loft-like space. We looked at a loft yesterday that was really quite awesome and a potential for our next residence. I loved the super high ceilings and airy feel but those kinds of spaces can feel a bit box-like.  I love the mixed use of soft, transitional pieces, antiques and color to create a cozy feel in a architecturally cold space.

Picture 15

Picture 37

Picture 14

193728-9-09 copy

I so need a lucite trunk in my life.

Picture 17

I have this rug in my own LR and I am still loving it! Thanks West Elm!Picture 16

This is so great- it’s a small, not totally updated kitchen seen in rentals cities round the country- she totally made it look cool and unique with the black paint, over scale print and light fixture. ADORE the craftiness.

Picture 36

Finally, this house I found to be so cozy and layered and interesting. A total mix of modern and traditional each room has it’s own personality and yet they work together. Bravo!

Picture 11Picture 18

That mantle is amazeballs. I love it.

Picture 13

Picture 32

I have had a thing for dark blue dining room walls lately- fresh and dramatic yet traditional all the same time.

Picture 5

The moody wallpapered walls in the bedroom and closet are pretty darn rad.

Picture 34

Is there anything a gallery wall can’t fix?

193692-9-07 copy

Picture 35

An interesting mix of rustic (brick floors) with industrial modern. Yet it works!

193692-5-02 copy

Now go read the issue yourself if you haven’t!  I have a Lonny-worthy project in the works that I think I’ll pitch to them when it’s done. It’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S good, if I do say so myself!


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