Lovely Lucite


My husband and I got in one of the biggest fights of our marriage over lucite. Yep, you read that right, lucite. It may have had something to do with the fiestiness I acquired through several sangria margaritas I consumed. Trouble with a capital T.
The fight was over adding some lucite to our living room. I love lucite when mixed with traditional decor (in small doses). I have this picture above saved from a very old Domino of a lucite entryway console I LOVE. Well, I asked for either this or the lucite nesting tables from CB2. Let me make this clear, Andrew HATES lucite.

Somehow this digressed into an argument in the restaurant about my inflexibility about including his opinion in decorating and my assertion that he refused to use our home as a showplace for my business. Enough said. We do not have any lucite…yet. ;) (Love you, honey)

Anyways, here are some other lucite items, beyond the Louis Ghost chair which we all love- well, everyone but Andrew.

Lucite letters from Wonderful Graffiti

Love this chair from IKEA for a desk or around a dining table. Last time I went , they were sold out.

This x-base stool is gorgeous AND very pricey

A little lucite feeder for Baxter Gates, Wonder Pup (a.k.a Mr. Barky Von Fancytail, as we have dubbed him)

Amazing lucite trays from iomoi. A perennial fave of mine!

Some lucite lamps from Mecox and Ralph Lauren .

There is even an entire store dedicated to lucite furniture and accessories.

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