Loving Frank


I suppose this book can fall under the label of “design” due to it’s focus on the life of one of America’s most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. But beyond his revolutionary designs lies a story so engrossing I felt sad when I turned the final page before bed last night.
Us creative types are, to put it kindly, a handful. And Frank bears no exception to that rule. An excentric man of almost burdening genius, he lived life fully and almost obsessively. This story focuses on the scandalous love affair between Frank and the wife of one of his clients, which played out like a soap opera on the pages of Chicago papers for years. Touching, infuriating and ultimately inspiring, this story will grip you…until the truly shocking finale! I think I said out loud “WHAAAAAATTT???” when I came to it.
Mom, I will lend you my copy. :)

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