Met Gala: The Good and Bad


Here’s the thing with the Met Ball– every year they come up with a theme for the event and every year only half (if that) of the celebrities dress for it. So when I look at what people are wearing it’s not just about what dresses look good but who actually was thoughtful about embracing the theme. And then there’s those people (correction: those people’s stylists) who missed the boat completely on both counts.

I for one, love a good stud detail, and these two SLAYED it using them in their outfit.  Both look punk, but both also look glamorous and fun.  I particularly LOVE Cara’s gown- if I had been invited I would have worn something like this- perfect on all fronts.  Sienna took it a little further with the spike hair accent and layering the studded jacket over a slinky gown and I think she looks awesome.

rita-ora-cara-delevingne-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-02 sienna-miller-tom-sturridge-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-11

Anja Rubik went OUT with this red leather mini- it’s a little Michael Jackson meet Dracula but so great for this theme! And look at her legs! Sweet Lord.  Rosie always, always looks flawless and THIS, my dears, is everything a Met Gala gown should be.  It’s slightly punk, completely glamorous, unique and 100% AWESOME.

chung-rubik-rocha-met-ball-carpet-18 rosie-huntington-whiteley-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01

Rooney Mara is punk to the core without anything on, so she can make white lace look edgy.  And SJP went all out… sister loves her a themed event!  She looks a little nuts, but like she is having SO much fun with this. And I love that about her.

rooney-mara-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01 sarah-jessica-parker-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01

Kerry Washington is the best. I love the little black netting detail at the bust-line of this dress and the leather gloves.  She also had purple streaks in her hair.  It’s not hardcore punk, but a GREAT combination of high fashion with attitude.  Ivanka Trump is probably the last person you think of when someone says “punk” but I love this outfit! The spike bracelet and the navy and emerald together are awesome.


Tom and Gisele make me want to bang my head against the wall they look so good together.  It’s not fair.  She’s just superhuman, the dress is killer, and he looks so great in the blue jacket (minus the too floppy tie).  And how fab is Diane Kruger’s pink dipped ponytail paired with black lace??? Joshua, however, is a miss. Too disheveled prep school.

gisele-bundchen-tom-brady-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-05 diane-kruger-joshua-jackson-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-03

I guess we need to discuss the whole Anne Hathaway going platinum thing. Except that I have nothing to say about it other than I will never go platinum for this ( among many other) reasons. Why not embrace your gorgeous natural coloring Anne?  And speaking of bleach, did someone bleach Jessica’s eyebrow away?  Also really not loving the cutouts on this dress.

167730896JN00167_PUNK_Chaos "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Anne said she was going for Debbie Harry… but I see more 90’s Julia Roberts.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.19.48 PM

Beyonce entered the joint like she was Cleopatra, obviously. The matching boots are a little Destiny’s Child for me, a crazy knee high lace up gladiator heel would have been cooler, but I dig the belt with the gown.  And Blake Lively looks stunning, not an ounce on theme, but still gorgeous!


Hilary Rhoda has got to be the most gorgeous woman on the planet in my opinion.  And as a fellow leather pants lover I gotta give her props for this outfit, even though my initial reaction was that it’s more “night out on the town” then “gala”.  HATE Jessica Biel’s legging things, just not a G. Valli fan.


If Swifty had dome something more punk/sleek/edgy with her hair this would have been really good, but her hair looks like she’s going to a middle school piano recital.  Kristen’s dress is actually pretty cool- love the deep green color and particularly the top with the ombre small pattern.


These two TOTALLY got ready together.  Cameron took a page form Goop’s Tom Ford Oscar cape playbook except I think this is just too much fabric or something. Something is off for me.  And you know how I feel about Gwyneth, but this dress is not good. It’s not even remotely punk and I find the sleeves awkward and stiff.

167730921LL297_PUNK_Chaos_T"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Heidi. Oh Heidi.  I feel like since she got divorced her style has gone downhill for some reason.  This dress is like bad, BAD bridal. Katie looks pretty, the hair is a bit too big. And totally not at all punk. Have some fun, please.

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Galakatie-holmes-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-01

I love Anna.  They are like “Anna, the theme is PUNK” and she’s all “No. Shant.”  No matter what Anna shows up in floral.  It’s expected.  But Zooey?!?! Is she in SEERSUCKER?? She could have done punk SO well!! That clutch does not make it, and look terribly awkward. What a disappointment!


Two frights- Nicole Richie thought the invite said “Bride of Frankenstein”. WHOAH.  And Kristen Stewart, all I can think about when I look at this is “giant camel toe” Sorry to be gross, but LOOK!


Julianne Hough needs a new stylist, she looks the same at every event. Bad.  And Katie Perry- what? Another person who could have killed it with this theme.

julianne-hough-met-ball-2013-red-carpet-05"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

BAM. Madonna. She’s clearly wanted to work the punk theme. HARD. She looks completely off the rails, but it’s Madonna, it’s not like she’s going to show up in a satin floral gown….


But someone else did… unfortunately!!! OMG, where do I start? First, most unflattering pattern EVER. Second, the matching attached gloves? Just no. Third… fire your stylist.


There were so many more that I could post about but then the blog would crash. :) Your favorites and least favorite?




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