Mod Monogramming


When you think of monogramming, your mind tends to go right to images of L.L.Bean tote bags, Lilly Pulitzer and obscene amounts of pink and green. Monogramming has moved past preppydom and into modern design (even though I am genetically about 50% preppy and can fully appreciate a pair of Jack Rodgers sandals and the Nantucket ferry.) Check out the items available from Superdeluxe, a way cool company that makes stylish items with their amazing, puzzle like monogrammed patterns that look more like David Hicks wallpaper! I am very partial to the “T” pattern, and seeing as it is my maiden name initial, I can get away with it. Some of them are pure visual trickery and lead to several moments of wondering what letter they are (do you see the lower case “r” above?). The small trays would make excellent housewarming gifts and conversation pieces!

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