Modern History


My dad sends me interesting clippings from time to time about things he sees in his design travels. Today I got an ad from Modern History furniture from him and found some UNBELIEVABLE pieces. Come to find out, they are owned by the same company that owns Somerset Bay, my new favorite (very cheery) furniture line which I posted about a few months back. An abundance of goodies.

I have a thing for buffet tables. Right now I have two in my small dining room while I try to decide which goes into storage for the “next house” or “beach house” (lol). This one is insanely gorgeous, and has the copper wire hatching on the doors like my antique find- except I can guarantee you this one ain’t $75!

These mirrors are both amazing. As is the decaying layered wallpaper background. Score one for the photo stylist.

This trunk is bananas. I love it. Tough yet so sophisticated.

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