More Progress At Home


Although some days it feels like I have not even made a dent on decorating this place, some days I am able to sit back and give myself some credit.

My dining chairs are reupholstered- am not sure about the red now. Again. The dining room is so bright and light now that Andrew painted it in preparation for the wallpaper to go up, a cooler color might be better.

Like white.
Which is what I wanted to do in the first place.
But Andrew said “Noooo, that’s too much white”.

Anyways, I digress. They are fun.

The zebra linen looks tres chic and I find zebra to be very nuetral- it can go with any style decor. And I’m liking my West Elm mod metal and wood chandelier. This is a crappy picture, but you get the idea.

Also, the rest of my lighting went up for the most part, thanks to the electrician who robbed me blind. The vintage style schoolhouse pendant in the pantry, the $20 IKEA fixture in my office which I love, even if it does look like an artichoke. Oh, and a crystal chandelier in the bedroom, which there isn’t a picture of because I have not made my bed yet. Yes, I know it’s 10:15, but that is the beauty of working from home (i.e. my justification for being lazy).

OK, now you’ve made me feel guilty. I have to go make my bed (with my CLEARANCE bed linens I got at Bed Bath and Boyond for next to nothing and look PERFECT!). I had to throw that in there.

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