More sweat equity.


This weekend I completed two long standing projects I had wanted to get done. The first was a photo wall in the entry. I can’t tell you how many different arrangements we’ve had in this space, but this one FINALLY pleases me!! I love the gallery style hanging and various size and shaped frames, kept in a white/silver theme to give it some sort of flow. I scanned in some favorite photos and changed them all to black and white and printed them out. You can even simply photo copy them in B&W if you don’t have a scanner! The arrangement of the frames gives the space much more height and an airy quality. Now to have the new light fixture FINALLY installed!

Also, after many patch tests I finally found the bright french blue color I’d been looking for for our guest room. C2 Swallow Tail looks rich, bold and fun, and especially crisp with the red accents. This room is far from done (bedding adjustments, rug, sidetables, lighting…) but it looks light years better with the color. It was a risk, Andrew thought I was a bit nuts wanting such a bright blue, but he loves it too! Sometimes those risky choices pay off big time!

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