Mural, Mural on the Wall


I shall expose myself as the dork I truly am.
While watching the latest Harry Potter movie a few months back, after waiting for MONTHS with bated breath, I actually was inspired design-wise. Not to incorporate owl themes, heavy velvet and magic spells into my decorating repetoire, but by a brief scene in which Harry and Sirius are in the Black House in front of a mural of the Black family tree (I am cringing at myself as I recall this in such detail). Anyways, it was a dark emerald green color with white branches and it literally made me say “Wow, that is GORGEOUS”. The very last thing I expected from Mr. Potter! I can’t seem to find a good screen shot of it, other than this one, but it made me ponder the possible uses of wall murals as a modern way of embellishing a boring space.

Cut to last month while watching Evening one rainy night at home when I literally sat upright when they showed the absolutely amazing mural in the entryway of the Newport home in which they filmed. Again, I cannot seem to find a picture better than this one so PLEASE go rent it for this reason (also entertaining if you want to cry and feel the pangs of unrequited love).
Then again a mural popped up on Martha’s site from her Turkey Hill home! If Martha has blessed it with her seal of approval, then by golly, murals are A-ok with me too!
I would use one on a entry way or foyer wall, or perhaps in a powder room instead of wallpaper. Finding a reputable artist to do this may be a) tricky and b)expensive so wait until you have the means to do it right!

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