My Attempt at Going Green

I know it’s very stylish to be “green” these days, and my attempt at it perhaps is slightly inspired by my quest to be “hip”- however, I genuinely DO care about the earth and doing my part to make sure that there are parks and clean air for my children. It doesn’t hurt either that most biodegradable cleaning products come in FAR cuter packaging than basic brands (Meyer and Method, my favorites).
And I have come to find out, that going green can introduce some very stylish elements into your home. Sustainable design, using materials that are eco-friendly and good for the planet, is VERY HOT right now. One of my favorite environmentally sound design sites is Viva Terra. This white bamboo ladder is absolutely fantastic for towels in a bathroom, and I am hoping to own this reclaimed teak coffee table, as I just love the lines and materials! Even the super unique wreath above is from them!

Bamboo flooring is fabulous and a great eco-friendly altyernative to hardwood, seeing as it regrows fast and furious unlike our trees.

Mod Green Pod produces deliciously designed vinyl-free,chemical free wallpapers such as this Grand Jubilee print. They also make it in an organic cotton fabric for upholstery!

And, as much as I love catalogues and mail, I have also signed up for Green Dimes, which stops all your unsolicited junk mail and even plants a tree for every month you are a member! So, try doing one little thing for our pretty little planet, and see how good it makes you feel!

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