My Chair Dilemma


When day in and day out your job is to find furniture and home accessories for people (and write about it too)- you are bound to get whiplashed by so many transient inspirations that you want to change your house around every few weeks. This drives Andrew practically insane. We buy a rug and three weeks later I “hate it” and want a different one. Poor man.
So here I am, with my next question I’ll put out to you all,because when you are too close to something, you can’t really see it clearly.
I worked really hard redoing my dining chairs. Lots of fumes ingested, clothes ruined and money spent on the reupholstering and yet- I am not totally happy with them. I think it’s the red. Because my home is so open- those bright red chairs determine everything else I pick and they are creating a roadblock for me creatively. So I am thinking that my next step is one of the following:
* repaint them-very carefully– a glossy kelly green. Green is just a bit more “me” and I think it would look stunning against the brown and tan linen zebra and white woodwork. Or will I get sick of this too?
* repaint them white. Kind of–blah.
* Ebay them and buy new chairs. The question here is shipping- I would have no idea how to do that.
* As for new chairs, here are my current options:

image courtesy of Domino Magazine

2 Louis Ghost armchairs and 4 or 6 Victoria Ghost chairs in either clear or white. Andrew thinks it is simple ridiculous to pay such an exorbitant price for PLASTIC CHAIRS. But I think these will be “antiques” someday.

6-8 armless shell chairs in white. I am just so crazy for this picture on the cover of Home, which is what drove me to this option.


Have a happy weekend!!!

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