My Hubby the Blogger

I’ve created a monster, people. My husband has proven over the years to be a fantastic writer full of good ideas, so naturally I suggested a blog might be a great way to channel his creative juices. Now I have a blogging addict on my hands! The other night this was what our house was like:

(type type type type type)
Me (yelling from my office): What are you doing?
Andrew (yelling from his office): Blogging. What are you doing?
Me (more yelling): Blogging.
Andrew: We are officially losers.

We’ve even had a blogging related fight (I’ll call them “blarguments” from now on). But I do suggest that if you are interested in business or have a friend/hubby/brother who is they might find his writing interesting! Check it out here!

Watch out interwebs, the Gates’ are taking over!!

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