My New Favorite Coffee Table Book


I was wandering around the Prudential the other day before a doctor’s appointment and after smelling the LOVELY new Chloe perfume at Saks, and for some reason I wandered into J.Jill. Not sure why, since I never shop there. But good thing I did because I found this little book in there that is not only graphically beautiful but also a compilation of relevant and meaningful quotes. I am a total quote whore, I love me a good set of life inspiring quotes- so this is perfect. Not to mention it looks great on my coffee table. I think this would be a great last minute Valentine’s day gift for anyone. I am going to try to read it every morning to remind myself of all these great “rules for living”.

I have to add pictures of Baxter and I watching the Westminster Dog Show last night. He sat at the end of the couch RIGHT in front of the TV carefully judging the contestants. He seemed to like the Poodles because his tail would wag a bit when one was on. I guess he has a thing for high maintenance women like his Mommy.
We were rooting for the Beagle because the Havanese just didn’t have enough spirit…and had stupid hair.

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