My New Patio!


My parents’ came up this weekend to help us plant trees and plants in our new patio (their 2 year anniversary gift to us) and what a difference it makes!!! Some tall arborvitae trees provide privacy (although we need to work on getting MORE privacy by doing something to that fence). I used some of the extra paver stones to build a small planting embankment under the kitchen windows- crafty me. :) We’ll be getting more shrubs and plants in the spring- but first lets see if I can keep this stuff alive and well. But I am SO excited to finally be able to have my grandmother’s fabulous faux-bamboo patio set!!! I have to refinish it (not sure if I should keep it white or paint it glossy black?).

If you have any outdoor space where you live, finding a way to make it usable for your lifestyle adds so much value- both to your enjoyment and to your property value!

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