My Xmas Wishlist & Wrapping Style


Thank you so much for all your kind words about my home yesterday! Sorry for the server issues too, hopefully everything is/ will be ironed out soon. Now that gift guides are over, I thought I’d post what I’m eying this season.  Of course in reality my list read more like this: my reproductive system to get it’s shit together already, funding for my husband’s start-up, some nice strong lasers pointed at my sun damaged face, a solidified second book deal, the ability to save all the sad puppies in shelters and of course, world peace (cue Miss America wave). But alas, Santa may have some trouble with those.  So here are some fun material things I’d love to see under the tree!

But Santa, seriously, it’s all about lasers.

1. I love this Calypso bikini– especially since Andrew and I are finally treating ourselves to a getaway in January to Round Hill in Jamaica! Also wouldn’t mind this and a woven straw hat too. :)

2. Now that you’ve seen my new master bedroom, you know why I’d LOVE a new set of Matouk sheets for my beautiful bed.  They really are amazing.

3.  I love the regular version of Hermes Jour D’Hermes, but this new version smells a little richer for winter.

4. Some new design books- specifically Country by Jasper Conran and Jean Louis- Deniot’s book.

5. Crisp new jammies for all that “long winter’s night” snuggling in said new bedroom binge watching The Good Wife (seriously, why I have I not been watching this show??)

6. I would love a pair of framed intaglios for my dining room. Since I moved my vintage arrow sconces to the master I have two blank spots in there that need filling! These are also amazing.

7. I’d love a new floor lamp for my living room to replace the IKEA one I bought on whim years ago.  This one is also a favorite.

8. I have the most horrendous blender and yet love making smoothies for breakfast. As much as I want a Vitamix, I can’t get past the price point. The Nutri Ninja has really good reviews, so I think this would do just fine for my needs!

9. I got a pair of tan suede Tory flats with a crystal bow two years ago and have worn them into the ground. This is the snazzy new updated version. I may have already ordered them for myself. MAYBE. I totally did.

10. A BABY PYGMY GOAT!!!!! Always!  I mean, can you not watch this video and totally melt from the cuteness??? Someday, I swear to all things holy, I will have a baby goat and his name will be Spencer. Or Ralph. Or Charlie. Not that I’ve thought about it or anything.

11. No goat? Okay fine, I’ll take this heavenly smelling body balm.

12. I have had my iPhone 6 for a couple months and still no case. It’s time. This striped one by Note to Self reminds me of my fave tees.

13. I have some ginormous Sorel snow boots that feel like I’m wearing two casts on my legs- so I never wear them.  After I donate the to someone in need, I’d like to replace them with these easier to walk in boots that are so chic with their black laces!

** I forgot to label the little cosmetic under the perfume- this is Tata Harper’s new Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint I’ve heard is fabulous- plus non-toxic :)

I managed to finish ALL my wrapping a couple days ago and am pretty happy with how it came out. I like to stick to a theme (last year’s was black, white and green) and this year I went with a more “country chic” neutral route using Container Store’s burlap wrap, a kraft paper polka dot and solid black paper mixed with woven black and white ribbons and topped with these AMAZING black and white landscape gift tags I found on Etsy by an Australian seller Freeasabyrd.


Do you wrap in themes? What’s on YOUR wishlist this year?


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