Napa Blogging: More Carneros


I mean, really I cannot get enough of this place. Yesterday we stumbled into a model unit in their residence club and I fell in love.  All I want in life is a living/dining room that opens to an outdoor living/dining room. Seriously. This house was no bigger as a trailer, but perfectly laid out with two master suites and magnificent indoor to outdoor flow. Granted in New England this wouldn’t work so well seeing as we are freezing cold most of the year, but a girl can dream right???

Small is the new big, people- and this space is great to take inspiration from:



Creating cozy nook outside makes any outdoor space seem more special- loving the little cabana!



Loving the use of curtains here!


Even the SHOWER is indoor/outdoor!!!


Love the sunroom off one of the bedrooms- it had a very high beamed ceiling too!


To end our day we went to Bouchon for a great dinner and then back to our room only to find that the management here at Carneros had left me cough drops, Emergen-C, Airborne and fridge full of Odwalla C-Monster drinks with a note saying that they had seen on my blog I wasn’t feeling well and hoped I got better!

Now THAT is customer service! This place is impeccable and I could not recommend it any higher!

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