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Picture 19I absolutely love finding a book I can’t put down.  The last time this happened it was actually a series of four books (I am sure you know which ones those were) and I was rendered a complete addict- flipping pages furiously, completely engrossed in each sentence.  So much so that a nuclear bomb could have gone off on my street and I would not have deviated from my page.  Before those literary versions of crack graced my life, I felt the same about Eat, Pray, Love (which I have read numerous times and still can be swept up into within two pages).  Last night I found myself on the sofa reading a book cover to cover with a glass of wine. And it’s not the type of book that I would have thought could keep my interest that long. I mean, it came from the SELF HELP section for crying out loud.

Last week I was introduced to Dave Romanelli (not in person, but his website) and I must say I think I have a bit of a crush.  He’s a yoga teacher and “wellness guru” who approaches the mind/body connection with side splitting humor, realistic understanding of day to day life and the oft tumultuous human condition.  I mean, the guy leads yoga+ wine and yoga+ chocolate retreats, plays everything from Lil’ Wayne to the Black Crowes in his yoga classes and he likes vampires! It’s a win/win all around! I spent last Friday night reading his entire blog (and laughed so hard my face hurt at points) and ran out to get his book.   Even if you aren’t into yoga, you’ll so appreciate his advice and anecdotes about living in the moment.  It’s such an important lesson for us all to embrace these days and coming from someone completely “un-preachy” whose voice talks with you instead of AT you, it’s easier to conceptualize.

What would have made my night reading even better? A beautifully designed reading nook like these below! :)

Picture 28Picture 27

Picture 33Picture 34

Picture 12

Picture 24Picture 23

Picture 16Picture 18

Picture 17

Picture 21Picture 22

Picture 26Picture 29

Picture 30Picture 31

images via decorpad, apartment therapy, house beautiful, atHome magazine, domino,flickr, counrty living.

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