I remember when Serena & Lily was a new brand years ago seeing this crib bedding set below and thinking “they will probably stop making this by the time I have a baby but I am obsessed with it and maybe I should buy it”.  Well, I convinced myself that was pure craziness/ bad luck and did not. And now that I’m designing my own nursery I am PISSED at Past Erin.

I adore the linen and white color scheme and the embroidered Otomi-inspired details. LOVE. It might be a smidge feminine for Baby Gates but hey, it’s tan and has animals. And I still love it! Waaaaahhhhhh!


So now that this is not an option, I am thinking of other ways to work a touch of this kind of Otomi detail into the room.  I know Otomi was a bog thing like 5-6 years ago, but I still really love it in the right application, and especially in kids rooms.

I LOVE this huge framed piece of Otomi embroidery from St. Frank. It’s a fortune, but a girl can dream (or try to make her own potentially!)


Hygge & West has an adorable wallpaper in this print that could be ADORABLE in the small closet in our nursery.


A pillow here or a lamp shade there also are a great way to add a touch of this pattern without overwhelming a space.

CojinD_grandeScreen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.38.15 PM

These pillows are fabulous.


Hoe adorable is this beanbag? See how this blogger made it from scratch here!

DIY bean bag chair

Or perhaps buy some affordable printed fabric from Spoonflower to make something else- a crib skirt perhaps?



If you’re looking for a big ottoman for a playroom or family room these from Olli are amazing, hand-crafted and quite pricey. :)


I also still love this pattern in adult spaces- this old tear out from Domino still looks really fresh today, no?


L’Aviva Home has a selection of Otomi coverlets for sale in tons of colors.


Toss one on a table as a gorgeous tablecloth!


Or use it to make a headboard!


Another offering from St. Frank of a framed textile cutting.


Need something much more affordable? Try this digital print out from Etsy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.44.28 AM

Are there any trends from years ago that you still love despite them being “overused” or “played out”?



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